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Fiat 1000DT - Is the previous owner in this forum?

19-08-2019 - Hello I`m Dominik
I live in Swizerland and I like Fiat tractors.
We have a little farm in the north west part of switzerland.
In the Year 1980 my father has bougth an 640 dt. This tractor is still on the farm.
But it has some problems with some heavy Jobs. So I looked for a bigger one.
I find a Fiat 1000DT in the netherlands so i took my car and went to test drive it.
I fall in love by the first look.
So i checket all numbers and order the papers to bring it to Switzerland.
One month later, an trucker phones me "i have a tractor for you".

Now the tractor is here and we make some modifications for use in the mountains.

I d like to now is the previous owner here?
In which Year was this tractor rebuildet and for what did you use it for?

Best regards from Switzerland

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